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Building a Pirate Ship with Your Children

Intimidating the open seas, pirates were amongst the most feared things on the open sea with their huge sails and also cheerful roger flags. When pirate vessels were running at their highest height in the mid 1800’s, they stole lots of gold and goods and took place to stash them in distinct locations along the coastlines of Africa and the Americas. The East India Trading Firm, with their many ships laden with product, were the prime targets for pirates. During the prosperous but politically billed gold power of Elizabeth the First, lots of English pirates as well as freelance seafarers were inconspicuously encouraged to pirate and also plunder Spanish ships. After going on several Los Angeles fishing charters, my kids were obcessed with boats and pirates. We decided to build our own!

Styles of Ships

A lot of sailing vessels of the 1800’s, were schooners with a tri sail as well as being made from wood with steel rivets. Till the actual end of the first World war, a wood pirate ship was a common place on the ocean.A pirate ship is an item that communicates a sense of deviant habits in addition to a long journey.

A single wood pirate ship was assuredly more of a lone wolf vessel, as well as really did not normally cruise with others of its kind. Those who take terrific satisfaction in their personal freedom might locate special relevance in the importance of these ships due to these qualities.

One of the most replicated wood pirate vessel amongst modelers are those of Bluebeard’s ship as well as the infamous Elizabethan pirate, Sir Francis Drake. A prominent activity is to play with a design wooden vessel as well as develop one’s own based upon the very best or most recommended facets of numerous other ships. Those who choose a wooden watercraft to get may become entranced with the gorgeous sparkle of the timber; several select glossy woods for simply this reason. Terrific treatment needs to be taken around the exterior bits of timber such as the mast and rudder, as they could break off quite quickly and also should be presented somewhere secure.Sturdier kinds of the wood watercrafts could be bought and are optimal for families with youngsters.

Glass or tough protective sheeting need to be thought about when acquiring a wooden pirate ship that has numerous tiny components or is delicate. To keep the wood ship safe, numerous people have created inside glass containers. Wood pirate ships might also occasionally have small, miniature cannons or various other weaponry installed on their decks depending on the top quality of the ship.With unique designs to each flag, a wooden pirate ship could have any number of designs on their flags. The ship’s sails are commonplace on wooden pirate vessels and are quite attractive. Sea spirits as well as goddesses are common images sculpted right into head poles and also the bows of wooden pirate ships, and bring with them an air of aura and also mysticism to the high seas.

Brixham Pirate Festival

Brixham Pirate Festival

The Brixham Pirate Festival is an annual fun event which is pirate themed, and it has recently gained so much popularity and is celebrated on a large scale. The festival has brilliant and authentic backdrops, and it looks quite realistic. The seaside where the Brixham Pirate Festival happens was once home to many smugglers and pirates. The atmosphere at the festival is simply brilliant. The whole town is decorated with skulls and crossbones and all the people in the town dress up as pirates. You will be able to hear many people saying “arghhh me hearties”, and the sound of seagulls and shanties fills the air.

The entire place is filled with a party atmosphere, and there is live music and street performances to boost the enthusiasm and excitement of people. You have various other activities like balloon modelling, fancy dress competitions, re-enactments of historical events etc. There is also a lot of food which is served, and they have themed accordingly. You can come with your family during the daytime and the evenings. But it is mostly for adults in the night as people start to drink.

Every single person in the festival will be dressed as a pirate, and you will be the odd one out if you go there without getting dressed. The entire party is pirate themed, and it is a great place to spend time with your friends and family.

Brixham Pirate Festival

Golden Hind:

It is a tradition that in the Brixham Pirate Festival all the people who are going to become pirates should board an iconic ship which is named the Golden Hind. The boat has been featured in many films and TV shows. The Golden Hind is the replica of the ship which belongs to Sir Francis Drake during the 16th Century.

Many events are organised for the festival, and they usually start by 11 am in the morning and end by 5 p.m. In the night people typically get drunk and party around. You will be able to find many people dancing on the roads, and almost everyone comes to the festival dressed as a pirate. It is also a great place to take your children as there are exciting shows and events in the daytime.


As lots of people come from different parts of the world to experience this fun event, they would often search for a place to stay. As the demand is high during the festive times, there are plenty of establishments for tourists and most of these hotels not only accommodate their tourists but also tell him about various events and fun things to do in the festival. Most of these establishments usually help in the funding of the organisation to make the event a success. Some of such hotels include Holiday Cottages UK, B&B, Holiday Park etc.



Brixham Pirate Festival: Accommodation and Events.

Brixham Pirate Festival: Accommodation and Events.

The Brixham Pirate Festival is an annual outdoor event, and it is conducted on the coast of Brixham. The festival is pirate themed, and it is filled with music and other exciting events. People come to the festival dressed as a pirate, and the entire atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

Brixham Pirate Festival: Accommodation and Events.

Events conducted:

During daytime, many events are conducted to entertain the people in the festival. Some of them are fancy dress competitions, balloon modelling, singing and dancing events. There are also events where they enact historical stories. The entire town is in a party mood, and people are quite thrilled to come to this festival.

If you are planning to bring your family along with you and if you happen to have kids in that group then it is advisable to visit during the daytime where most of the events are conducted. In the night, people drink and have a great time, and it might not be a great place to hang around with your kids. You can come dressed as a pirate to the festival and bring out your creativity in your costume. To enhance the excitement of the crowd, there is live music, games and themed food which is sold at the festival.

The Brixham Pirate Festival has something for all ages. There are street dances and jugglers who entertain you, and there are also other events such as puppet shows and street acts. The fancy dress competition is organised as per the age groups of the contestants, and a price is given to the best-dressed person. There is a Golden Hind ship near the harbour, and it is a tradition that the people who are going to become pirates need to board the vessel; this ship has been captured in many television shows and films.


As many people from different places come to experience the thrill of this festival, many establishments are set near the event to accommodate tourists and other guests. You will be able to find cottages, homes, hotel accommodations etc. Most of these hotels provide donations to the Pirate Fest, and the following are some of the establishments where you can stay:

Quayside Hotel:

The hotel has a beautiful view as it is located overlooking the harbour. They serve excellent food, and it has a bar attached to it. There are live entertainments during the weekends, and it is very close to the coast. One thing that you need to make note is that the hotel is a non-smoking hotel and you will be fined heavily if you are caught smoking.

Berry Head Hotel:

Berry Head is also located overlooking the bay, and the hotel offers you with a variety fresh fish food and wine. The room service that is provided in the hotel is extremely good, and the staffs are quite friendly with their guests.

Newsletter January

Firstly happy New Year. We are progressing with the preparations for 2015 Pirate Festival. Although funding remains an issue we are in discussion with potential sponsors and remain hopeful that we will have the finances in place to run the festival. We have decided this year to have a beer tent ran by Bays Brewery and traders selling pirate gear, this will bring in much needed revenue.

The bookings of entertainers is progressing well. Line up for the main stage is finished. Main acts are The Pyrates from the Netherlands,The Pirateers, The Salts, Hornswaggle and Tom Mason from Nashville to name just a few. Local Bands Southern Comfort and John Turks Swashbuckle. The Old Gaffers from Kingsbridge and Dartmouth Phoenix2. Paigntons Old Age Kicks and Tweak Freaks also appearing. A return of the fantastic Pentacle Drummers and Dr Turbevilles Morris Men.

There will lots of family entertainment on the other stage. Jugglers, Cosmo the Magician and the Man from Story Mountain and again the return of Entertainingly Different. Also music of the easy listening variety.

We have also been endorsed by South West Childrens Hospice and hope to work closely with them.

Obviously this all likely to change if we do not get any sponsorship.

The contact from stall holders is also starting to pick up with some very different and diverse stalls showing interest in attending.Two definites already.

We are also working away very hard in putting together the programme, which this year will be free, also there will be no raffle or prize draw.

The new look website is up and running and advertising space is available as well as in the program.

Kind Regards

Brixham Pirate Festival Committee

Brixham pirates turn out to open new children’s hospice south west’s new shop

Members of the Brixham Pirate Festival opened Children’s Hospice South West’s new shop with a flourish today.
The shop, at 58-60 Fore Street, Brixham opened today (Thursday 12th February), to much success. The new shop features the charity’s new shop design and offers shoppers a much brighter and welcoming shopping experience.
Captain Black Heart of Brixham and his motley crew, certainly helped to draw a crowd and Darren Irwin, Head of Retail at CHSW said: ‘Thank you to the townsfolk of Brixham for giving us such a warm welcome and we hope that shoppers will continue to enjoy our range of goods on offer.
‘Children’s Hospice South West cares for life-limited children, and their families, all across the South West region and we rely almost entirely on voluntary contributions to safeguard our services. The revenue that our shops generate is a vital addition to our fundraising, and every penny spent helps us to make the most of short and precious lives across the region.’
The new shop will now be open Monday-Saturday from 9am – 5pm, and stock donations to the new shop are very welcome. Children’s Hospice South West is also one of the beneficiaries of the Brixham Pirate Festival in May.


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