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Boat Buying Advices for You to Know

Careful planning and research is needed if you’re going to buy a used boat, motor, or trailer. Well off course most boat sellers are honest, but being cautious is a must in order to protect yourself from illegitimate transactions. Below, we’re going to provide you boat buying tips for a smooth transaction.

Boat Buying Tips

Before getting that fishing rod and boat equipment you have prepared, it’s good to sit down with your family first and discuss what type of boat you actually need.

  • In what way are you going to use the boat?
  • Boats can be used in many ways like fishing, water skiing, and cruising. However, if you want to use the boat for fishing only, you can grab a smaller boat with lower HP motor. If you’re unto water skiing and weekend cruising, then a bigger boat with a heavier HP engine is the ideal boat to get.


  • Where are you going to use the boat?
  • An aluminum boat is advisable if you’re going for a lake with rocky shorelines and endless submerged reefs. But if you’re going for a deep water lake with a sandy bottom and shorelines, then a fiberglass boat is the one for you.


  • Think about the boat capacity
  • If you plan to have a bigger boat so that you can use it for parties and load it up with supplies, then a larger boat with a bigger motor is the one you need.


  • How often are you going to use the boat?
  • If you’re planning to use the boats only on weekends or any special occasion, you can just get an older boat as long as it is still in good condition.


  • Think of your budget
  • Now that you’re ready to get a boat, you have to sum up all the costs. The price of the boat, motor, and trailer is just the start. Depending on what size and age of the boat you’ll choose, think of how much the maintenance will cost too as it will be as high as 15% of the value of the boat. Some of the boat costs factors include: Purchase cost, Sales Taxes, Insurance, Docking fees, Winter Storage, Maintenance and Repairs, Safety Equipment, and Fuel costs.


  • Should you buy a new one? Or a used one?
  • If you’re going for a cheaper and affordable setup, then a used boat is ideal for you, but the maintenance can be costly. Newer boats on the other hand, are more reliable and requires much less maintenance. If you’re going to use the boat for a long time, then save up a little bit more and get a new one instead.

Used Boat Buying Tips

If you’re still going for a used boat, then it is important to know what are the key factors and things to check on considering one. Below, we’re going to take a look on what things to do before buying a used boat.


Inspect the boat for Problems

It’s ideal to check a used boat for problems so that you’ll know if it’s worth the money. Here are the key things to look at when inspecting a used boat:

  • Check the propeller for damages such as dents, bents, kicks.
  • Check for rusted cables.
  • Damaged steering wheel and shift level.
  • Hull damage such as recent paintings or different paint tones.
  • Rotten wood on the deck or flooring
  • Loose, broken, missing rails, snaps, rope guides.
  • Windshield condition.
  • Bimini Top covering condition – check for rips, zippers, stripped screw threads.
  • Broken navigation lights on the front and the back.
  • Open the hatches to any storage compartments and check for leaks.
  • Check the license number if it matches the seller’s documents.
  • Marine radio, antenna, depth finder, and stereo work.
  • Battery Age.
  • Upholstery condition, check if the seats are ripped, torn, loose stitching.
  • Condition of safety equipment such as anchor and line, paddles, life jackets.

Now that you’re done checking, take the boat for a test run. Make sure that the owner of the boat is with you. It’s also advisable to bring a friend that has knowledge about boats. Below, here are the key factors and things to look at while taking the boat for a test ride.

  • Check if the boat sits evenly in the water.
  • Check if the starter works properly.
  • Boat gets up on plane quickly and easily.
  • Check the motor if it trims up and down properly and smoothly.
  • See if the boat reacts quickly to sharp turns of the steering wheel to both sides.
  • Check if the boat doesn’t rattle and shake.
  • Check if the Bilge pump works properly.

Bring a Certified Professional to Inspect the Used Boat

Either you’re buying a used boat from a private person or from a broker such as a marina, it is ideal to bring a professional boat inspector to check the boat. These certified inspectors are also known as marine surveyors. Your insurance company can provide you with a list of accredited surveyors to choose from. Also make sure that the surveyor is a certified member of an accrediting agency.

Having one is worth the money especially if you know little to nothing about boats. If you can’t have one, then it is critical to make it a condition in your offer. If the seller of the boat is aware of the boat’s problems, he’ll likely own-up or stop it from selling once you have inspected the boat.

But it the boat runs well and you only see minor damages during your inspection, you can definitely adjust your offer and get the boat.


7 Tips for Pontoon Boat Fishing

Pontoon Boat fishing is very popular. This type of boat relies on pontoons to float which results to a more stable sail. Also, Pontoon boats are known for their ability to turn on a dime. Today, we’re going to tackle 7 Tips for Pontoon Boat fishing to make your fishing day worthwhile.

  1. Grab an Extra Anchor

– Unexpected windy conditions may occur when you’re on your fishing adventure. Your Pontoon boat may become shaky if you only have one anchor. To help your Pontoon boat remain its balance, have a second anchor and let it down on the back. So you now have 2 anchors both in the front and the back to keep your Pontoon boat stable.

  1. Removable Bimini Tops is a must

– Pontoon boats have pre-installed Bikini Tops to provide shade from the sun. Always make sure that the tops are removable. Having removable Bimini Tops allows you to cast your lines easily without it getting caught on the fabric top. These removable Bikini Tops can also be used later if you need some shade.

  1. Don’t Forget your Towels

– Towels can be used in many different ways. You can spread it over seats or underneath coolers and bait storage containers. Doing so will keep your seats clean and your Pontoon Boat deck free of water.

  1. Bring a Fish Container

– One of the most important thing on fishing is having a container for all the fish you have caught. Don’t forget to bring a fish container that can also act as a cooler where you can store all of your fish.

  1. Find a Grilling Place

– Having a Pontoon Boat means you can dock anywhere whether it’s a park or a wide open recreational space where you can have a cookout. Find a place where you and your friends can have a barbecue session, it’s either at an approved grilling spot at a local park or on a natural springs location.

  1. Take a Break

– Fishing is fun. But diving into the water while on a break is two times the fun. Whenever you feel tired or you just want a short break from fishing, get a boat ladder so you can dive into the river.

  1. Plan for a Pontoon Boat Fishing Party

– Now that you’ve gathered enough fish for the day, it’s time to relax and celebrate with your fishing friends. A 22-foot Pontoon Boat is great for holding up to 12 people maximum. This is great for having Pontoon Boat parties since there’ll be enough room to hold all of your bait, tackle boxes, and containers. Fully equipped with radios and stowaway storage, Pontoon boats are perfect for both fishing and boat parties.


Tips for Digestive Health While Traveling

Like most people, the feeling of constipation can ruin what can be a very excellent travel experience, especially the part where you get to eat and taste different cuisines and delicacies from that place. For you not to miss out any once-in-a-lifetime chance to have that culinary experience, here are five tips that you can follow to take care of your digestive health when traveling.

  1. Carry A Medicine With You

It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry; thus, whenever you travel, it might be best if you always carry medicine that can help alleviate constipation. This way, you won’t have to burden yourself whenever trouble shows up. Aside from that, you won’t have the problem of finding this kind of medicine especially when you’re still on the road, and there aren’t any pharmacy near.

  1. Fruit At Breakfasts

Our bodies tend to digest fruit quickly if compared to other food items, and with this is the amount of dietary fiber that you supply to your body. Choosing to eat fruit on breakfast can help you jump start your digestive system in the morning. You can have this whenever you go to a restaurant in the morning to have your breakfast, or you can have it in your fruit or yogurt cup that you can have in a cafe.

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Traveling can dehydrate you, and dehydration is one of the causes of constipation. To avoid this, it is essential that you keep yourself well hydrated. Carry water with you at all times. Also, water can help fiber do its job; thus, making your digestive system healthier.

  1. Carry Healthy Snacks With You

Whenever you plan to head to another destination, always see to it that you carry with you some healthy snacks that you can consume. This is to avoid being starved along the way or worse, opting for junk and unhealthy food.

  1. Have Slow Travel

Whenever you travel slow, you will have the chance to be acquainted with the destination and its locals better than just rushing through. Also, it also allows your body not to be too overwhelmed, making all of your systems adjust and stay on track as well.


Ten Best Travel Tips

  1. Prepare Ahead In Case Of a Lost Luggage

One of the most significant inconveniences that can occur whenever traveling through a plane is whenever the airline loses your luggage. To prepare for this, you should keep photos of your luggage and the identifiers that you attached to it. This way, you can help the airline locate your luggage if it gets lost.

  1. Keep a Nightlight

When staying in a hotel, the lack of familiarity with the room especially at night when the lights are out can give you a hard time locating the restroom or wherever. To help yourself, carry your nightlight to prevent banging your toes or shins to the furniture.

  1. Carry The Necessary Documents

Whenever traveling, especially with family members, make sure that you carry with you the necessary documents. If you’re going with your grandchildren, make sure that you have the signed statement that the travel is under their parent’s permission.

  1. Pack a Clothes in Both Luggage

If you’re traveling with another companion, it might be best if you pack your things in both luggage in the sense that you can have items that you can still use whenever the airline misplaces or loses your luggage.

  1. Check The Place Ahead of Time

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should physically be in the location to check if they’re open or not. Most places nowadays have their operating information on the internet that you can check. This way, you will not be burdened with the inconvenience of going there only to see that they are still closed.

  1. Go Cheap

Usually, cities have iconic attractions and landmarks that you can explore and experience without having to spend so much money. Instead of spending too much money on other attractions, it might be better and refreshing to feel and experience what that city can offer you for free.

  1. Always Carry an Eco-Friendly Bag

Whenever you find something in the public market or even in the local stores, having a small eco-friendly with you might come very handy. Aside from that, you can reuse this item, making it easy for you.

  1. Organize Your Trip

Before you finally board on that trip, make sure that you got everything organized. From airplane ticket bookings up to hotel rooms and car reservations, it’s crucial that you got everything laid out for the rest of your trip to make it smooth sailing.

  1. Wear Things With Pockets

Whenever you choose something to wear, for example, a jacket, make sure that it has a lot of pockets. This is for you to stash your passports, wallet, identification cards, phone, etc. This way, it would be very convenient for you to use them whenever necessary.

  1. Carry a Surge Protector

When traveling to other countries, it might be appropriate if you carry your surge protector. This way, you will be able to charge your devices at the same time, and you can also rest assured that your devices are ready to go all the time.

Building a Pirate Ship with Your Children

Intimidating the open seas, pirates were amongst the most feared things on the open sea with their huge sails and also cheerful roger flags. When pirate vessels were running at their highest height in the mid 1800’s, they stole lots of gold and goods and took place to stash them in distinct locations along the coastlines of Africa and the Americas. The East India Trading Firm, with their many ships laden with product, were the prime targets for pirates. During the prosperous but politically billed gold power of Elizabeth the First, lots of English pirates as well as freelance seafarers were inconspicuously encouraged to pirate and also plunder Spanish ships. After going on several Los Angeles fishing charters, my kids were obcessed with boats and pirates. We decided to build our own!

Styles of Ships

A lot of sailing vessels of the 1800’s, were schooners with a tri sail as well as being made from wood with steel rivets. Till the actual end of the first World war, a wood pirate ship was a common place on the ocean.A pirate ship is an item that communicates a sense of deviant habits in addition to a long journey.

A single wood pirate ship was assuredly more of a lone wolf vessel, as well as really did not normally cruise with others of its kind. Those who take terrific satisfaction in their personal freedom might locate special relevance in the importance of these ships due to these qualities.

One of the most replicated wood pirate vessel amongst modelers are those of Bluebeard’s ship as well as the infamous Elizabethan pirate, Sir Francis Drake. A prominent activity is to play with a design wooden vessel as well as develop one’s own based upon the very best or most recommended facets of numerous other ships. Those who choose a wooden watercraft to get may become entranced with the gorgeous sparkle of the timber; several select glossy woods for simply this reason. Terrific treatment needs to be taken around the exterior bits of timber such as the mast and rudder, as they could break off quite quickly and also should be presented somewhere secure.Sturdier kinds of the wood watercrafts could be bought and are optimal for families with youngsters.

Glass or tough protective sheeting need to be thought about when acquiring a wooden pirate ship that has numerous tiny components or is delicate. To keep the wood ship safe, numerous people have created inside glass containers. Wood pirate ships might also occasionally have small, miniature cannons or various other weaponry installed on their decks depending on the top quality of the ship.With unique designs to each flag, a wooden pirate ship could have any number of designs on their flags. The ship’s sails are commonplace on wooden pirate vessels and are quite attractive. Sea spirits as well as goddesses are common images sculpted right into head poles and also the bows of wooden pirate ships, and bring with them an air of aura and also mysticism to the high seas.


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