Brixham Pirate Festival: Accommodation and Events.

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The Brixham Pirate Festival is an annual outdoor event, and it is conducted on the coast of Brixham. The festival is pirate themed, and it is filled with music and other exciting events. People come to the festival dressed as a pirate, and the entire atmosphere is filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

Brixham Pirate Festival: Accommodation and Events.

Events conducted:

During daytime, many events are conducted to entertain the people in the festival. Some of them are fancy dress competitions, balloon modelling, singing and dancing events. There are also events where they enact historical stories. The entire town is in a party mood, and people are quite thrilled to come to this festival.

If you are planning to bring your family along with you and if you happen to have kids in that group then it is advisable to visit during the daytime where most of the events are conducted. In the night, people drink and have a great time, and it might not be a great place to hang around with your kids. You can come dressed as a pirate to the festival and bring out your creativity in your costume. To enhance the excitement of the crowd, there is live music, games and themed food which is sold at the festival.

The Brixham Pirate Festival has something for all ages. There are street dances and jugglers who entertain you, and there are also other events such as puppet shows and street acts. The fancy dress competition is organised as per the age groups of the contestants, and a price is given to the best-dressed person. There is a Golden Hind ship near the harbour, and it is a tradition that the people who are going to become pirates need to board the vessel; this ship has been captured in many television shows and films.


As many people from different places come to experience the thrill of this festival, many establishments are set near the event to accommodate tourists and other guests. You will be able to find cottages, homes, hotel accommodations etc. Most of these hotels provide donations to the Pirate Fest, and the following are some of the establishments where you can stay:

Quayside Hotel:

The hotel has a beautiful view as it is located overlooking the harbour. They serve excellent food, and it has a bar attached to it. There are live entertainments during the weekends, and it is very close to the coast. One thing that you need to make note is that the hotel is a non-smoking hotel and you will be fined heavily if you are caught smoking.

Berry Head Hotel:

Berry Head is also located overlooking the bay, and the hotel offers you with a variety fresh fish food and wine. The room service that is provided in the hotel is extremely good, and the staffs are quite friendly with their guests.

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