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Ere’s all ye need to know about the World Record Attempt.

Come along this year to help us achieve our ‘Mile o’ Pirates’ record on Sunday 1st May at 2.30pm, no need to register, just dress up!

The record attempt will take place around the harbour and through the town, just find a gap or an end and join in. Ask a marshall if you are not sure.

What to wear

If you are taking part in the record attempt you must clearly resemble a pirate, this is what you need to wear throughout the attempt …

A pirate style hat ((or bandana/kerchief)

An eye patch

An accessory: sword, hook, musket, skull and crossbones flag, or parrot.

Appropriate shirt: striped shirt, white t-shirt or shirt.

Appropriate trousers: pantaloons, tatty trousers or rolled-up trousers. Pirate style dresses/skirts for the ladies are fine too.