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The Brixham Pirate Festival is an annual fun event which is pirate themed, and it has recently gained so much popularity and is celebrated on a large scale. The festival has brilliant and authentic backdrops, and it looks quite realistic. The seaside where the Brixham Pirate Festival happens was once home to many smugglers and pirates. The atmosphere at the festival is simply brilliant. The whole town is decorated with skulls and crossbones and all the people in the town dress up as pirates. You will be able to hear many people saying “arghhh me hearties”, and the sound of seagulls and shanties fills the air.

The entire place is filled with a party atmosphere, and there is live music and street performances to boost the enthusiasm and excitement of people. You have various other activities like balloon modelling, fancy dress competitions, re-enactments of historical events etc. There is also a lot of food which is served, and they have themed accordingly. You can come with your family during the daytime and the evenings. But it is mostly for adults in the night as people start to drink.

Every single person in the festival will be dressed as a pirate, and you will be the odd one out if you go there without getting dressed. The entire party is pirate themed, and it is a great place to spend time with your friends and family.

Brixham Pirate Festival

Golden Hind:

It is a tradition that in the Brixham Pirate Festival all the people who are going to become pirates should board an iconic ship which is named the Golden Hind. The boat has been featured in many films and TV shows. The Golden Hind is the replica of the ship which belongs to Sir Francis Drake during the 16th Century.

Many events are organised for the festival, and they usually start by 11 am in the morning and end by 5 p.m. In the night people typically get drunk and party around. You will be able to find many people dancing on the roads, and almost everyone comes to the festival dressed as a pirate. It is also a great place to take your children as there are exciting shows and events in the daytime.


As lots of people come from different parts of the world to experience this fun event, they would often search for a place to stay. As the demand is high during the festive times, there are plenty of establishments for tourists and most of these hotels not only accommodate their tourists but also tell him about various events and fun things to do in the festival. Most of these establishments usually help in the funding of the organisation to make the event a success. Some of such hotels include Holiday Cottages UK, B&B, Holiday Park etc.



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